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Always exercise caution when working on, under or around any vehicles. Serious injury or death could occur if safety measures are not followed.

Warnings and Safety Measures
•  Allow catalytic converters cool before removing the sensors.
•  Hot stainless steel can cause severe burns, please be careful.
•  It is extremely important to let your car cool down for several hours before attempting your install. Hot stainless steel can cause severe burns.

Removing the Stock Exhaust System

NOTE (VERY IMPORTANT): Please follow the exhaust install instructions carefully. Extreme caution must be taken to ensure proper alignment of the exhaust tips. Do not tighten any of the band clamps or connections until everything is in place and the tips are aligned perfectly.

1. Undo spring kit (By rear tire on drivers side) on drivers side using 13mm socket.

2. Remove drivers side muffler assembly from hangers. Squirting soapy water into the rubber hanger (Note: Soapy water does not hurt the rubber like WD40 could) will make removal easier. A large set of channel lock pliers to squeeze the hanger out of the rubber is recommended.

3. Undo factory front band clamps using 15mm socket. These band clamps are located at the rear of the converters and the start of the mid-pipe.

4. Carefully remove the large heavy mid-pipe and passenger side muffler assembly.

5. The stock exhaust system is now disassembled and its time to put your new kit on!

Note: For the earlier model V6 Challengers you would need to buy the dual outlet rear valence from your Chrysler dealership. Install this rear valence before installing the Solo Performance exhaust kit.

Installing your New SOLO Kit

Note: NOTE: If you snug everything first instead of fully tightening, it will allow for movement and adjustments once the new system is on. Snug, align, snug some more and then do your final tighten.

1 Install front Solo Performance front muffler section. Slide/push on till it bottoms out. Do not tighten at this point.

2 Slide rear muffler hangers into the rubber stock exhaust hangers bottoming out on the hanger limiter (washer) The rubber hangers will be almost straight up and down.

3 At this point the front section is loose and still has some manipulation room.

4 Install and finger tighten the two front band clamps that Solo Performance provided. DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN THE CLAMPS.

5 Have someone hold the muffler section at the rear and twist if necessary to make sure the muffler is completely flat.

6 Make sure there is clearances in the tunnel where the pipes go.

7 Evenly snug (do not tighten) the four (4) front nuts of the band clamps using a 9/16” socket.

SOLO Clamps: Hold the top nut with a 9/16” wrench and lightly snug the
bottom bolt head with a 9/16 socket. THIS FLAT BAND CLAMP WILL FORM AROUND EACH LAYER OF PIPE.

8 Install both tailpipes by putting each side into the two rubber hangers. Do not tighten at this point.

9 Install hardware to connect the tailpipe with the mid-pipe. Finger tighten only!

10 Maneuver both tailpipe into perfect position and very slowly and evenly snug the bolts with 9/16” socket.

11 The tailpipe can pull left or right depending on how you tighten the bolts. Slow and even tightening eliminates pull. Having someone hold the tips in position is key. Tighten the front band clamps then the bolts that connect the tail pipes.

12 Tips are meant to be roughly ¼” from the top and you should rock them to form to the bumper not necessarily level.

If you are using the Stock Exhaust Tips

The collar as well as the stock exhaust tips need to be used if you bought our Solo “NT” kit. Rock the collar back and forth a few times to break the tack weld from the stock exhaust. Align the tip and tighten the collar slowly on each side. Patience and a good eye are needed to align the tips.

Note: Adjusting J-PIPES: This should not need to be done on most cars but incase, please follow:

If you have an in town “bog” or trouble RPM ranges just undo the top band clamp of the J-Pipe and move in or out ½”. Determining which direction gives the best results and then do further adjustments in ¼” increments. Both J-pipes must be adjusted evenly.

Note: The J-pipes come to you with band clamps on them. The lower band clamps (A) need to be loosened and the J-pipe swiveled into the cavity where the stock muffler was. The J’s are shipped resting on the tailpipe. This position is for shipping only. Once you install the system Clamp A must be loosened and the J-pipe turned away from the tailpipe into the muffler cavity. There is no correct position other than the J can’t be touching anything and it must have clearance from the floor.

Do not adjust any “length” from the Clamp A position.

The upper Clamp B is where you adjust the length if necessary. Most systems are good with the factory preset length but if you need to adjust for trouble RPM ranges you do it with the end cap slider at the Clamp B position.

Please take care with your first few drives.

Drive away and… Enjoy Going Solo!

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