Solo Performance Inc. In The News

Solo Performance does the exhaust on GM’s concept car

Designed to evoke the emotions of classic sports cars, the Pontiac Solstice SD-290 race concept captures the purposeful design of vintage race vehicles.

Featuring a covered passenger cockpit, custom body design, enhancements to powertrain and chassis, this concept takes Solstice to an entirey new level.

• Ecotec 2.0L turbocharged engine with Stage II Kit (290 HP)
• Force 10 tripower 3-piston aluminium calipers with 13″ rotors by stainless Steel Brake Co.
• Custom free flow catalytic converter and stainless exhaust by Solo Performance
• Coilover Variant 3 suspension system by KW Automotive

• Custom front fascia, grill inserts, hood and front fenders
• Carbon fiber front chin splitter and rockers
• Passenger-side hard cockpit cover
• Windshield removed
• Custom rear spoiler
• Tinted headlamps
• Custom candy apple red paint
• Custom 19″ wheels with Hoosier R6 racing tires

• Custom designed driver’s cockpit with built in roll bar
• New center console with Auto Meter gauge package
• HVAC, radio, door glass convertible top, windshield and wipers eliminated for mass savings
• Race inspired driver’s seat with 4-point safety harness
• Removable racing-style steering wheel
• Chrome fire extinguisher

Solo Performance Inc. CAT – Back Replacement – Mach Shorty

One of the major modifications on my Solstice was a replacement catalytic converter and performance exhaust. The first few months in my Solstice were great but I felt that the car was being held back in terms of performance and the sound had a lot to be desired. I spent about a month or two seriously looking at my options.

I had read about others experience with different performance exhausts but the one that stood out was the Solo Performance line. Solo Performance has been in the business of satisfying Solstice drivers for over 2 years but their team has a combined total of over 200 years experience! They make performance exhausts and they make them well.

Solo offers a few kinds of kits for the Solstice GXP model; the GXP Street Race System, GXP Race System and the GXP Mach System. Each system offers an incredible and unique performance boost as well as a great look and sound. I was torn on the exact system I wanted.

Solo Performance mentioned in Undercar Digest Article

As a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, performance muffler systems, Solo Performance have earned an enviable reputation. In 2007 both Undercar Digest and Jobber News did feature articles citing Solo’s quality and success in a niche market…

In October, 2007, Undercar Digest talked with Zoro Muffler President, Jeff Boychuck, about the exhaust business in general, but with specific interest in the Solo Performance line of products. According to Jeff, “…Zoro acquired the Solo line to provide something different in the performance market. There’s a growing trend to quieter performance and that’s what Solo is all about…” .Jeff went on to describe Solo’s product line – “The four distinctly different muffler designs are Stealth, Mach, Storm and Quantum.

Stealth is almost OE quiet but outflows some of the major performance brands. Mach is one of the quietest freeflow mufflers on the market today. Storm has a nice bass tone at low rpms and gets quieter as you go faster. It is preferred by pickup-truck owners. The Quantum offers a soothing hum and is preferred on higher-end performance cars.” But key in all this is understanding the customer, and creating products that give the customer what they want – a high-quality, top-performing product to meet their needs.

Jobber News’ cover story in their January 2007 issue examined Integrated Performance, focussing on exhaust systems. In talking with Brian Pyett of IMDA Automotive Warehousing, Pyett offered his own opinion of ‘performance’ – “Any product that is going to flow more freely, give more horsepower and improve fuel mileage is, to me, performance.” Tying into that comment, Pyett went on to say how pleased he is with the Solo line’s market acceptance.

Keep your eyes on this section for future industry comments on Solo products!